Creating The Perfect Lounge Playlist

June 11, 2008

The perfect lounge playlist is essential for everyone’s music libraries because it is the only music that really sets the stage for drama and romance in fiercely chic way. This playlist is golden for dinners, cocktail parties, pre-drinks and post-drinks, and any other sexy situations you may find yourself in. The sound ranges in genres from electronic to jazz; but to me, its all lounge.

It also varies by tepos: the slower ones are better suited for winding down, the faster tempos are for getting a party started. I have multiple lounge playlists  arranged by tempo to suite every situation perfectly.

Just brought someone home at the end of the night? Bitter:sweet. Girlfriends dropped in for pre-party cocktails? Hotel costes. Dinner party? Jazz and 90s/80s.

The best Lounge CD series that make a perfect start to a playlist are as follows:

  1. Hotel Costes (i – x)
  2. Buddha Bar (i – x)
  3. Jazz and (80s and 90s)
  4. Om series (mixes, various locations)
  5. Verve Remixes (i – iii)

The best artists for a slower tempo are as follows:

  1. Bitter:Sweet
  2. Goldfrapp
  3. John Legend
  4. Nouvelle Vague
  5. Telepopmusik
  6. Portishead
  7. Massive Attack
  8. Air
  9. Gotan Project
  10. Trentmoller

Best Artists for a faster-paced lounge are as follows:

  1. Kaskade
  2. Stephane Pompougnac
  3. Mark Farina
  4. Parov Stelar
  5. Blue Six
  6. Amy Winehouse
  7. Fiest
  8. Soulstice

And finally, my favourite lounge songs of all time are as follows:

  1. Koop Island Blues – Koop
  2. Dream Machine – Mark Farina (Downtempo Mix)
  3. All I Want – Jehro
  4. Its You Its Me – Kaskade
  5. Les Djinns (Trentmoller Remix) – Djuma Soundsystem
  6. Sous La Soleil (Cuba Acoustic Mix) – Major Boys
  7. Cleopatra in New York – Nickodemus (zim zam mix)
  8. As The Day Breaks – Carmen Rizzo
  9. Everything is Alright – Four Tet
  10. Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix) – Shirley Bassey
  11. Diferente – Gotan Project
  12. Loneliness (chill mix) – Blank & Jones
  13. Metropolitan – Emmanuel Santarronama
  14. Juice – Buddha Sounds CD
  15. Faking The Books – Lali Puna
  16. Paper Aeroplanes – Angus & Julia Stone
  17. (This is Not) A Love Song – Nouvelle Vague
  18. Our Remains – Bitter:Sweet
  19. Adios – Zimpala
  20. Show Me – John Legend

I’ll stop myself at 20, but let me know if there are any vital lounge tracks on your list that make your top 20 and I missed. If there is one thing I urge you to do, it is to give all of these a quick listen. You may like them all, you may like some, you may like none – but you will open yourself up to new music, which really is the greatest gift of all.


11 Responses to “Creating The Perfect Lounge Playlist”

  1. smith3000 Says:

    You have great taste!

    I’d recommend the Lovers and Ana Laan.

    There’s also an easy listening / lounge mix for download on my blog – just follow the link in the signature.

    You might like.

  2. Bayu Says:

    Thank’s for the list, i’ll check it out!
    May I put something:
    Hed Kandi
    – A Taste of Kandi, Summer 2008
    – Beach House

  3. mike cover Says:

    Great choices, all of them. However you should look into Esthero, great for both tempos. “superheroes” is great for the after date/ party and “thank heaven” for you is my wedding song. The Gotan project is great as well but also look into Frou Frou. (now shes just Imogin Heap) and or Zero 7, also must haves. If you like that I have tons more ( about 500 gigs) Any new or otherwise good music you come across send me an email I would love to here it.

  4. Thibaut Says:

    Very good recommendations! thanks for that list!

  5. camila Says:

    Rodrigo o couver de Michael aquele que foi no domingo legal

  6. ver Says:

    these are all played out. i’m bored….

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