The Kooks

June 10, 2008

Some people can’t go a day without their cell phones, I can’t go a day without my Ipod. No more wasting money and time on whole albums, instead buying just the songs I like. This means no more clutter  and no more disappointment after buying a CD for one song, while the rest of the album sucks.  This also means creating playlists to suit every mood and situation in life.

Often I find myself enjoying only a couple of songs on an album; Sometimes I find myself enjoying a whole album; Rarely, I find myself enjoying the artist, wherein I enjoy many of their albums.

The Kooks are one of these rare exceptions. I stumbled upon their song Always Where I Need To Be by chance on ITunes just over a month ago. After playing it numerous times and loving it, I had to find out if their other musical offerings were at par with this gem. They were. This time I downloaded a bunch of songs off their Konk album. After playing it on rotation for a day, I realized I was addicted and needed to know more about them.

The sound is best described as beachy, catchy, singalong rock and is found in the Alternative section of ITunes. This delicious treat reminds me of chocolate, perfect any hour of the day. While its flavours are best used as a pick-me-up, it also serves as the perfect background to surfing, laying by the pool, lounging by the beach, and sunning.

I learned that they were coming to Toronto, and last Wednesday, I went to watch them live at the Koolhaus. I surveyed the crowd of the sold-out concert once inside – trendy, good looking, mid-to-late 20s. This was a good sign. The band played, the crowd sang along. When Love It All was preformed, the crowd may have been louder than the band.

My conclusion: The Kooks offer incredible music both on their albums and in their live performances. They get my five-star rating as my favorite band of the week.

My favourites off their second album Konk are as follows:

  1. Always Where I Need To Be – The song that made me fall in love with the band
  2. See The Sun – They preformed it live acoustically and had the whole crowd rocking side to side
  3. Love It All – This song had the crowd singing at the tops of their lungs

My favourites off their first album Inside In/Inside Out are as follows:

  1. She moves in her own way – The best surf and singalong rock 
  2. You Don’t Love me – Another top-of-the lungs pleaser
  3. Naive – Great background to any foreground 

 Other new/hot bands worth checking out if you love the Kooks are as follows:

  1. The Virgins
  2. Vampire Weekend
  3. Spoon
  4. Kenna
  5. The Rapture


 Quote from their site:

‘The greatest records in the world can be put on in any situation: you can put them on at a party and they’re going to sound great, you could put them on in a club and they’re going to sound great, you could put them on on your headphones and listen in bed. That’s when you get a great album,’ says Luke Pritchard. ‘And that’s how I like to think of this album.’

4 Responses to “The Kooks”

  1. misscontagious143 Says:

    totally agree.
    ive only known of the band for a couple of months now but they have already been adopted as my favorite band(which is amazing b.c. ive been loyal to the ex for a long time) and i love them so much i had to go buy their second album and plan on buying their first and the bonus version of their second.

  2. […] Subtle Nuances: The Kooks make “beachy, catchy, singalong rock…[their sound] reminds me of chocolate.” […]

  3. Dave Says:

    98.7 is giving away tickets to see the Kooks! They are so good live! Enter to win at!

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