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How To: Get Summer Ready

June 2, 2010

I love the summer. Each year when it comes around I give myself a little make-over, refine my lazy winter-grown ass, and shed a few pounds. I think its a wonderful ritual that makes me better each time.

Do you have any pre-summer rituals and style changes beyond switching to shorts?

In preparation for the summer this year, I’ve done a crapload of shopping and style-pimping so I can rawk it. and a few friends have noticed and loved the results. So, lets share and rawk it better together!  Here are a few tricks I’ve used and discovered to help get my ass summer ready.

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“She’s Out Of My League”

May 18, 2010

Naked Dating: First Question and Answers Are up!

Every week (at least once), we’ll answer a question from our Naked Public. Format is Jer and Iwill each write a “blind” response (without knowing what the other is saying). We’ll then go back and forth arguing, debating or poking fun at each other.

Given this is our first one, be gentle! To get your questions answered, go here! And if you want to yell at us on Twitter, just hashtag your tweet #nakeddating or send it to @smichm or @jeremywright.

Our first question is from Randy:

What do you think of the concept ‘out of my league’? Usually I tend to not go for girls I think are in that category.

Check out the answers and debate on Naked Dating

Let’s Get Naked

May 11, 2010

The spawn of Twating (Twitter+Dating) has now launched on Tumbler and requires your questions, love and support in order to survive.

Naked Dating

Ask Us Anything About Online Dating

Remember Dear X, those dating columns in newspapers? Weren’t they fun? For girls, probably all kinds of “learning”. For guys, probably all kinds of entertainment. Okay it was probably entertaining for girls too.

Well, dating has changed, and so too must those boring old question and answer style columns.

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Old Faves, New Looks

May 5, 2010

Two artists I’ve loved since the 90s released new videos, with hot new looks and fresh, hot, delicious sounds.

Beyoncé seems to be channeling Betty Draper/Mad Men Craze/1940s Pin-Ups with Why Don’t You Love Me

Unlike Britney, I’m excited to see this sane and awesomely talented beauty make a return. She may be trying a little too hard, but I’ll forgive Christina for this smoking hot video where she seems to be copying shock tactics of music video past – Madonna, Marilyn Manson… and herself?  She brought back the Lady Marmalade hair and MTV kiss. Lacking originality it may be, I’m happy she’s back.

Lol – did you check out Xtina’s shameless self promotion via perfume? ha.


Open Letter To Jesse Jame’s Stripper Mistress

April 29, 2010

Open Letter To Jesse Jame’s Stripper Mistress, Melissa Smith: Stop With The Tabloids, You’re Screwing With My Google Ranks.

adultery is all well and good until someone starts screwing with my Google results.

It’s pretty easy to dominate search results when you are the only Melissa Smich on the face of the planet (as far as I know… but really, if you’re not on Google, do you exist?).

Until a tattooed, stripping home wrecker with a similar name starts taking over headlines and claiming some of my Google juice.

I know Tiger made adultery all cool and hip-with-the-celebs, the way sex tapes were circa 2005… but please, Melissa Smith, if you choose to continue on your white-trash adaptation – do so discreetly.

Its hard enough being a woman on the web, but also having one’s page ranking sprinkled with homewrecking  strippers is really not cool. Especially ones that still use fax machines (wtf?? I can’t be associated with fax machines!!!).

If you continue, I will be forced to shake my fist at you.

Holy Shit! Hot and Delicious Tracks

April 27, 2010

Its my bday tmrw, so I feel like having a dance party. Don’t try to stop me.

Fuck Yeah. That was good.

Please Don’t Take Me Out To The Ball Game

April 20, 2010

Everyone’s talking about the Blue Jays and what a shame it is that Toronto isn’t behind them… or in the stands.

I’m not a Jay’s fan. I’m not a baseball fan.
I am, however, a (relatively new) Raptors fan.

I see being a fan as making an emotional investment in a team/brand… So I would like to look at how, besides the sport itself, does one get invested in a team (the raps as my example). Also, because my life revolves around socmed, I will use it as an example and see what basic socmed lessons/theories to relate to this situation.

Hopefully, after analyzing these two aspects, we can have a better idea as to how the Jays can improve their fan base and ticket sales.

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Social Media and The Effects on Friendship

April 15, 2010

I’ve been chatting a lot lately with people about social media’s effect on friendship. I think our hyper-connectivity may be a major dilemma of our (rather, my) generation.

On one side, studies upon studies have shown the human brain cannot process these mass amounts of “friends” with whom we’ve developed these online relationships.

On the other, our hyper connectivity has contributed to larger and more diverse social networks, greater brain function and making us the greatest generation of networkers.

Personally, these social tools have been the source of jobs, friends, roommates, lovers and even bitter battles. I’ve been able to leverage them to get free shit like tickets to events and, most recently, an iPod touch. I’ve been able to meet cool people on random trips and stay close with them for years after – all thanks to these social media tools.

As an online relationship connoisseur, here’s how I address some of the concerns I hear about.

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UK Pics

April 9, 2010

Ok the official Pics from the UK trip are up. If you’re on the home page, click the read whole post button to see them!

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