Long Live Life

June 26, 2008

This Week in Music

Every week I try to provide an outline on a favourite artist/album/song of the week, mainly because my picks are new or not-yet-mainstream. This week, however, it is Coldplay and their new album Viva La Vida. I’ve liked them since Rush Of Blood To The Head and officially loved them with X&Y. They are the kind of artists that make each album better and better than the last. And when I thought it couldn’t get better than X&Y, they release Viva La Vida.

Since Coldplay is a band that needs no introduction, I will provide you with an update on all things new, interesting and uninteresting in the music world.


This week, I saw an “interesting” live performance by a band DethKlok. Described as “Virtual Death Metal” they sing lyrics such “Murmaid Murder” and have a cartoon playing in between songs with a story line of evil antagonists who want to kill off Dethklok’s fans and decide to do so by pirating Dethklok’s music, which will make the band go broke and no longer produce music… therefore killing their fans. While they play, cartoon videos go along with their live performance.. cartoon music videos? What bad asses. A lot of it is so ridiculous that it is rather funny: Death metal with cartoons? lyrics such as “knives? check; dagger? check; laser beams? check; Anger? check.” It sounds like something that a four-year-old watching too many cartoons would create. Laserbeams? really? Says a lot about the four-year-olds I know…

Saints Of Los Angeles?

Just when we got bored of Black Velvet and Pour Some Sugar on Me, Motle Cru saves the day by creating a new soundtrack for every strip club in the country. That’s right, one of my favourite 80’s glam rock bands, Motle Cru, is back with a new album: Angles in Los Angeles. With song names like “Chicks = Trouble” you know it will serve as perfect blast from the past, get drunk theme music. Everything from the past is coming to haunt us, including NKOTB and the Spice Girls, and I’m not excited to see grunge make a comeback.  

In House Music

This week in house music, Im proud to announce that Joey Seminara’s track Just A Tip is going to be huge this summer. Other tracks building serious steam are as follows:

  1. The Girl You Lost To Cocaine – SIA (remixed)
  2. 4 AM – Kaskade (remixed my Soha & Adam)
  3. Shine on Me – Nick Terranova

And we see some tracks returning again this summer. They are as follows:

  1. Bleep – Sandy W
  2. Tocca Me Together – Mariah Vs fragma
  3. Move It – Eric Morillo (Kaval &Mark Remix)

POP Tracks

The pop tracks of the week that I have already heard too much of, meaning they will be/are big, are as follows:

  1. I kissed a Girl – Katy Pery
  2. Just Dance – Lady Gaga
  3. Shake it – Metro station

3 Responses to “Long Live Life”

  1. sakura59 Says:

    You liked ‘Viva la Vida’ better than ‘A Rush of Blood to the head’ and ‘X&Y’??? I was really disappointed with it to be honest, but i hope it grows on me. What made such an impression on you?

    4AM by Kaskade is an excellent track! I’m wanting to hear some more remixes of it though 🙂

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