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Some Not-So-Subtle Love For You!

September 3, 2010

The Hoff says thank you.

I just wanted to throw out some serious love and appreciation to everyone who’s been a huge support this past month. Read the rest of this entry »


Open Letter to Life Hacker

October 18, 2009


Dear Life Hacker:

When sourcing a method to import my extensive iTunes library from my PC to my new Mac Book, Apple suggested the tedious task of burning all 6,600+ mp3s onto dvds, importing, and recreating the meticulous playlists. FML.

That’s when I stumbled upon your article Geek to Live:

How to move an iTunes library from a PC to Mac (and back).

I’ve looked to your site before as a reference guide to making life easier by solving such inconvenient situations which make one think “there must be a better way.”

With that, I would like to thank you for making life easier time and time again. I raise a glass to you – a reference guide to all things amazing. My love for and dedication to you only grows.