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Exciting News and Big Moves

October 5, 2010

What are you thankful for this week leading up to Thanksgiving?

I’m thankful for a lot — as there are a lot of big moves and changes in the world of smichm… so I figure I’ll fill you in with one blog post!

New Career

I will be starting a new career with Strategic Objectives, a Toronto PR agency, next week. I am very excited to join their amazing team and to work on some challenging projects with some of the world’s leading consumer and lifestyle brands. It will be a learning curve, but I am up for the challenge and know I will have a wonderful support system within the agency. Read the rest of this entry »


Naked Question #2: How Long to Wait After a Date?

May 19, 2010

In our second installment of answering your questions (ask yours here!), we cover whether changes in technology mean changes in approaches to the “waiting game”! And if you want to yell at us on Twitter, just hashtag your tweet #nakeddating or send it to @smichm or @jeremywright.

Today’s question is from Bernie:

I think the ‘wait x amount of days before calling’ rules of Swingers no longer apply due to social media/networking. Twitter allows you to contact/converse with dates minutes after parting. Are there new rules/ideas/guidelines to follow for our changing times?

Lurk Moar>

“She’s Out Of My League”

May 18, 2010

Naked Dating: First Question and Answers Are up!

Every week (at least once), we’ll answer a question from our Naked Public. Format is Jer and Iwill each write a “blind” response (without knowing what the other is saying). We’ll then go back and forth arguing, debating or poking fun at each other.

Given this is our first one, be gentle! To get your questions answered, go here! And if you want to yell at us on Twitter, just hashtag your tweet #nakeddating or send it to @smichm or @jeremywright.

Our first question is from Randy:

What do you think of the concept ‘out of my league’? Usually I tend to not go for girls I think are in that category.

Check out the answers and debate on Naked Dating

Let’s Get Naked

May 11, 2010

The spawn of Twating (Twitter+Dating) has now launched on Tumbler and requires your questions, love and support in order to survive.

Naked Dating

Ask Us Anything About Online Dating

Remember Dear X, those dating columns in newspapers? Weren’t they fun? For girls, probably all kinds of “learning”. For guys, probably all kinds of entertainment. Okay it was probably entertaining for girls too.

Well, dating has changed, and so too must those boring old question and answer style columns.

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