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Twitter Brand Bully Bounty Hunters

September 27, 2010

See no evil, hear no evil, tweet no evil.

I’ve been sitting on this post since last week but found myself too busy to stomp it out. Unfortunately/fortunately, my body is demanding rest with this disgusting cold that’s going around… So, here’s the post.

Last week I came across an interesting blog post about a Price Chopper (PC) communications fail that made its way into various news sources.

Essentially, a regular shopper with no professional affiliation to Price Chopper or its competitors, went into his (identity is protected but has been identified as a male) local PC and tweeted about the underwhelming selection. The Tweet wasn’t even all that bad, it read:

A communications representative behind the PC brand took it upon herself to email a random list of said customer’s company’s executives citing the customer, their employee, should receive disciplinary action against him for the “destructive” tweet. Read the rest of this entry »


Rant On Interns: Advice From Your Future Boss

June 14, 2010

In the last blog post on The Great Debate On Interns I touched upon my personal experience in both being an intern and hiring one. In case my views were biased, I asked a few friends to weigh in on their experiences and have received some amazing responses.

We also got feedback from a head hunter turned career coach, Christian Hasse, where he offers advice for interns.

This one from Erik Anderson was originally intended to be used for quotes — but its just too good a read, I figured it deserved its own post. Erik runs a marketing company, Infinity Print Group, and has had a lot of experience hiring and managing interns. Here’s what he had to say about the Great Debate On Interns: Experience Vs Education.

The whole “best” school thing is bulls*^t in my opinion.  There are 4 strong unis within an hour’s drive of me and I find great candidates at all 4.  Keep in mind that I hire mostly marketing interns.

I look for a good combo of experience and education.  I’m interested in seeing how they juggle jobs with education – gives me an idea about priorities.  If they do nothing but study and get good grades, they are usually ill-prepared for a work environment.  Balance of work/studies/outside activities is where I start.

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How To: Get Summer Ready

June 2, 2010

I love the summer. Each year when it comes around I give myself a little make-over, refine my lazy winter-grown ass, and shed a few pounds. I think its a wonderful ritual that makes me better each time.

Do you have any pre-summer rituals and style changes beyond switching to shorts?

In preparation for the summer this year, I’ve done a crapload of shopping and style-pimping so I can rawk it. and a few friends have noticed and loved the results. So, lets share and rawk it better together!  Here are a few tricks I’ve used and discovered to help get my ass summer ready.

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“She’s Out Of My League”

May 18, 2010

Naked Dating: First Question and Answers Are up!

Every week (at least once), we’ll answer a question from our Naked Public. Format is Jer and Iwill each write a “blind” response (without knowing what the other is saying). We’ll then go back and forth arguing, debating or poking fun at each other.

Given this is our first one, be gentle! To get your questions answered, go here! And if you want to yell at us on Twitter, just hashtag your tweet #nakeddating or send it to @smichm or @jeremywright.

Our first question is from Randy:

What do you think of the concept ‘out of my league’? Usually I tend to not go for girls I think are in that category.

Check out the answers and debate on Naked Dating