Love and Laughs in Montreal

July 20, 2010

This past week was spent in Montreal with the Coleman clan. We stayed at the Loews Vogue in downtown and it was amazing — huge bathrooms, great service, clean, and awesome location. We went to a bunch of wicked restaurants, ate delish french food, way too much Quebecois cheese and loved every minute of it.

On Saturday night, we met up with Aidan who kidnapped us to the Hyatt for the Just For Laughs after party.

and then it happened… the crowd parted and out came the one and only Noel Fielding.

I know, I know, over dramatic, but I screeched “ohhhh mah gawd!” I explained that Im a huge fan of the Mighty Boosh, my roomate even dressed as his character Old Gregg for Halloween….

I continued my rant explaining that I tried to buy tickets to his shows in both Toronto and Montreal but they were all sold out almost immediately. I swallowed all pride and asked for a picture. Despite being pulled into 300 directions at once, he gladly obliged.

My heart goes piter-pater for him harder now more than evar.

and I didn’t even have to show him my downstairs mix up. Luckily, Dave was very supportive and held back laughing at me through the whole ordeal. Now THAT is a man 🙂


One Response to “Love and Laughs in Montreal”

  1. Rick Says:

    Amazing story! You know I’m a fellow Boosh fan, so I’m jealous. But knowing that a friend has met Noel Fielding in the flesh makes the world just a little more magical.

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