#G20 – Dude, Where’s My City?

June 26, 2010

Stayed uptown despite thinking #G20 would result in nothing more than some lame Queen’s Park protests. Luckily I did, as these protests have been nuts. While news outlets have been trying to keep it up-to-date, even incorporating live bloggers, Twitter and crowdreel have been the source of the timely news.

Stores have been vandalized, buildings have been locked down, cops’ cars have been torched, TTC has shut down, tear gas has been deployed.

Quick lockdown roundup:
– Toronto Police HQ
– Sick Kids
– Toronto General
– Mt. Sinai
– Eaton Centre
– Delta Chelsea
– Sheraton
… and apparently my office building, which includes our web hosting in-house, 24/7 dedicated customer support reps.

Notable Tweets

pcrowe: If you are downtown you are not helping. Go home people. #G20

mynameisguygal: i’m actually rooting for the police for the first time in years

drewcashmore: I’m stuck in the core. Protests on one side and exploded car on the other. They won’t let me go home #G20

jeremywright: Watched a store owner chasing “protesters” away with a broom handle. Tears on his face. #g20 #proterrorists

ian_barnett: I’m completely dissapointed with all of this.

tweetittoronto: The security budget has been justified….sorry I ever doubted

craigfollett: Close-up shot of police car on fire on Bay Street #G20 #Toronto @crowdreel http://bit.ly/cCrF3w

Here are some Twitter pics from CrowdReel. Unfortunately was moving slow so the pics aren’t crediting the person who took it or the tweet that goes with it. Please check this link to find out more.



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