A Day In The Life?

June 9, 2010

Today was an amazing day. Better than yesterday, so much to share!

The iPod touch my friends and followers helped me win from #SXSWyearbook (prom queen) was delivered! See how happy it made me

My partner in crime, Jeremy Wright, gave me a sweet shout out in his interview with TechVibes and they so kindly included the myhosting.com SXSW interview of mine with Jeremy!

My video guru, Guy Gal, gave me an awesome shout out (after my cameo) on cellguru.com after his amazing event last week featuring #UNmarketing. Wicked event and Im very excited for the UNmarketing book.

His company, The Biz Media, puts together some amazing videos and they just produced a seriously amazing one for myhosting.com> I am so excited to show it to you! Final edits are being done and I’ll post it once its done!

I also had a lot of fun in the office with the whole marketing team. Between the impromptu dance breaks and funny video ideas, all the laughing gave my stomach quite the work out.

Good thing too, because I’ll be missing my belly dancing class today for a surprise date night with Dave Coleman?!? pinching myself.

How was your day? anything spectacular happen?


4 Responses to “A Day In The Life?”

  1. Amazing things going down at t.o.night today on the design end – can’t say much yet but it’s gonna be SCWEEEEEEET šŸ˜€

  2. heh, Im so using that: t.o.night

  3. ohhhh i’ve seen that paper b4!!! cool beans!

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