How To: Get Summer Ready

June 2, 2010

I love the summer. Each year when it comes around I give myself a little make-over, refine my lazy winter-grown ass, and shed a few pounds. I think its a wonderful ritual that makes me better each time.

Do you have any pre-summer rituals and style changes beyond switching to shorts?

In preparation for the summer this year, I’ve done a crapload of shopping and style-pimping so I can rawk it. and a few friends have noticed and loved the results. So, lets share and rawk it better together!  Here are a few tricks I’ve used and discovered to help get my ass summer ready.

1. Get Bikini Ready — I’ve signed up for fun belly dancing classes to help get my bod in shape. A lot of my friends are getting better and faster results with Booty Camp Fitness and highly recommend it.

2. Get Sunkissed — I have a natural green tone to my skin, so when Im not tanned, I look sickly.  So I really like the glow I get/maintain from a couple of short tanning sessions per month. However, when my friends mentioned my stark white 9-5 pasty glare (aka the “office tan”) at the beach the other day, I knew it was time to up my tan game. I went into Bellair Tan and the expert/owner hooked me up with a specialized cocktail of bed rays and spray. I never sprayed before but the results are amazing!! (video blog next time?)

3. Get The Right Bikini — I used to love bikinis. At 120 pounds, they were my best friend. Now, 15 pounds later and some flab in the wrong places I’m terrified of the idea of rocking a bikini. I can no longer just throw on anything. That where the importance of a good suit come into play.

Find something tha accentuates the good and de-emphasizes the oh-so-bad. One of my faves for this is Naz Swimwear. Made by real (gorgeous yet curvy) women for women, this season’s looks include high waists and built-in accessories to take you from blah to glam in no time.

4. Get Pretty — I stumbled upon a bunch of awesome dress shops all around Kensington (like bubble gum) and Queen West (like spoof) that boast dresses you can’t get at any chain and at amazing prices. Yup, this will be a dresses-only summer 🙂

5. Get Face-time — The last thing is switching up my bland hair tones and everyday makeup colours. I wear the same face and hair  (what feels like) everyday — its time to switch things up with fresh tones and colours to put by best face forward.

What do you add to the list? What would you want to know more about? Let me know!


4 Responses to “How To: Get Summer Ready”

  1. Chris Clarke Says:

    What a coincidence – my summer prep is exactly the same as yours! 😉

  2. While I’m sure my bikini fits me quite nicely now at 40 lbs lighter than last summer, I’m almost certain if I start tanning I’m gonna burn like a marshmallow in a campfire.

    mmmmm…. marshmallows

  3. one piece mankini?

  4. Borat taught me well 😀

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