Let’s Get Naked

May 11, 2010

The spawn of Twating (Twitter+Dating) has now launched on Tumbler and requires your questions, love and support in order to survive.

Naked Dating

Ask Us Anything About Online Dating

Remember Dear X, those dating columns in newspapers? Weren’t they fun? For girls, probably all kinds of “learning”. For guys, probably all kinds of entertainment. Okay it was probably entertaining for girls too.

Well, dating has changed, and so too must those boring old question and answer style columns.

So here’s the deal. Ask us a question. And both of us (one guy and one girl, not dating each other) will answer. Then we’ll argue. Then one of us will win, based on your votes. Whoever wins gets to pick the next question.

You can submit your questions by clicking here.

oh, and check out the full naked dating page here: profiles, Q&A, etc.

What are you waiting for? submit your questions!


2 Responses to “Let’s Get Naked”

  1. They might wanna rethink how to spell that term.

    Especially since speaking it phonetically in the English language doesn’t sound much like “Twate-ing”…. much as I presume that’s how it was intended to be pronounced


    • Lol – after presenting the session (Twitter and dating) at both pod camp and SXSW we are very aware of what people’s first thoughts are when they see the word “twating” and we are a-ok about it. Conversation starter, non? Lol

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