Facebook’s Upcoming Changes: Great For Brands, Shit For Users

April 1, 2010

Once again, the online world is a flood with rumours that FB is implementing a crapload of changes to both privacy and usability. Some changes, like adding QR Codes, are positive for users; while others, like unprompted opt-ins, are shit for users but great for brands. Here’s my understanding of what to expect.

Sold Out, Now Selling You Out

Apparently, facialbook will be selling your info to third parties – even ones you never opted into or agreed to share with.

Getting On The Location Based Bandwagon

I wrote about QR (Quick Response) Codes in my SXSW wrap up (Were there any new developments…), so check the link if you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about here.I’m not repeating myself, heehee.

Now that we’re all on the same page, I’m really excited about the fact that Facebook is working on implementing them. This will be a great feature and welcome addition to FB.

Judging from the tweets about this, the QR codes don’t seem to actually function yet, and the links on pages appear to come and go. We’re trying to get more information and will update accordingly.

Update – Facebook gave us the boilerplate response: “We’re always testing various features on the site, but we have nothing more to share at this time.” – Robin Wauters, TechCrunch

Here’s the big one….

No More Fans

Facebook’s “become a fan” option is not exactly being eliminated – rather, reworded. It is a part of their new “Language Change” initiative which is really just a farce to exploit their users for advertisers and companies using it.  Fan pages will still exist, except now it will be given fluffy words such as “like”, “community” and “find us on facebook” instead of “become a fan..”

Instead of “become a fan” users will simply need to click the “like” button to become a part of the company/brand’s community. Why? Because users are twice as likely to “like” something than they are to become fans.

What does this mean to brands on the book? This means faster growing groups and wider spread reach. Facebook is banking on users’ Language Change Illiteracy, so, in theory, people will continue clicking the like button twice as often, unknowingly opting in to brands’ communities and therefore exposing them and their information to vastly and quickly expanding branded communities. This is a wonderful opportunity for brands and small businesses.

How it will work: 1) news feed shows your friends “Joe shmoe, leslie Shellie and 6 other friend like [Your brand here]” and all you have to do is click the like button. 2) Ads on the side column with friends who like the brand also, one can click like directly on the ad.

Check out the slideshare on the language changes here> http://www.slideshare.net/biznickman/fb-language-change-pdf

Oh, and while you’re at it – join the myhosting and mail2web FB communities 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Facebook rumours? what are you excited about? what do you loathe the idea of? What do you wish they’d implement? Discuss Below.


5 Responses to “Facebook’s Upcoming Changes: Great For Brands, Shit For Users”

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  2. mehungwaylo Says:

    I was wondering if you would add me to your blogroll ( Mehungwaylo Blog ) and I’ll do the same for you?

  3. I definitely hadn’t heard about the new Facebook changes yet, and now that I have I can’t say I’m impressed at all.

    That’s all we need on the internet: more people taking advantage of user ignorance.

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