sxsw wrap up

March 30, 2010

As you know, I was on this thing they call a “vacation” après my trip to Austin Texas. Without roaming on my phone or a computer on hand, it was the equivalent of a modern torture technique mixed with a social experiment, all in one.

Any-hooo, I know its a little late but here are my wrap ups. You can find my sxsw highlights and tech trends on the blog and my personal/professional sxsw wrap up on Techvibes.

Also, don’t forget to check out the interviews and vids on the YouTube Channel – Better Blogging with Jeremy Wright, Optimizing Site Design with Clement Yeung, Web Design Best Practices with Calvin Lee, and Online Marketing with Saul Colt.

As for my real personal thoughts? Well, those were saved for you, my pretties. Here’s a little segment I like to call #lessonslearnedsxsw

  1. The medium is the message: Sometimes the interviewer /moderator can ruin a session… even if you’re good.  Just as the Facebook interview the year before, this year’s now infamous Twitter interview by the Harvard Review guy proved this. *note: I think the correlation is that in both cases the interviewers seemed too smug and self-involved. Keep it modest and classy.*
  2. Chill Pill: I know I’m naturally a very anxious person, but being somewhere new, my first conference and the whole whirl wind of it all was a little overwhelming. I had to remember to chill out and go with the flow.
  3. Lunch doesn’t really mean lunch: This was the paradox of the trip – leaving the conference grounds for lunch means you’re not coming back. Once you’re out, you bump into people, one event turns into three, next thing you know you’re on stage singing karaoke with a boa on you’re not sure how you came into the ownership of.
  4. Dont forget the green: It’s too easy to eat nothing but bbq and plates of brown stuff. This only results in poosplostions.
  5. Don’t feed the egos: Some techcelebs embrace their sxsw fandom w/jerksauce. Total fails.
  6. Lurk moar: Some techcelebs, like @ChrisPirillo, are uber cool and down to earth, which I didn’t expect but am quite grateful to have learned.
  7. Geeks are hot. But we already knew that.

What were your sxsw highlights? What lessons did you learn at sxsw? Here’s some of Twitter’s answers. Don’t forget to leave yours below.

chrispian : Highlights? I’d say meeting people. We had some great conversations at lunches and dinners outside the conference.

Greeblemonkey: I really *can* still stay up till 4am 4 nights in a row.

davefleet: You can learn just as much from meeting 10 new people in an hour as you can from listening to one person present

Loki117: 1) Some crazy girl attended telling everyone they where hot while complaining about lack of foliage…

erin_bury: I miss Stubb’s too but my stomach doesn’t – although it’s not like I eat very healthy even when I’m in Toronto… 🙂


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  1. slummy9 Says:

    Very cool! Check out my Top Ten SxSW 2010 Shows List at Cheers. Slummy

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