All Thy Sons…

March 5, 2010

So, there’s a big debate over whether the words “All thy sons..” in the Canadian National Anthem are sexist and need to be changed.

Personally, while I’m against anything that is purposefully hateful or utterly ignorant… Im just not convinced that this is something worth getting my panties in a bunch over. Additionally, I feel as though there are far more important, timely and time-sensitive matters that our government and its citizens should be focusing on.

Maybe its just me.

When master of the UofW universe posted a Lion’s Den University Article discussing the issue on his Facebook wall, it erupted into a 50+ comment/debate thread. Wowzas.

Some of the comments

I want to hear from you – what are your thoughts on the subject? What should be our government’s priorities right now? What should Canadians be debating right now?


7 Responses to “All Thy Sons…”

  1. Dave Says:

    We have much more important things to be debating in parliament. Firstly the budget and secondly the Afghan prisoner scandal. This should definitely be on the back burner. However it may be one of those bills that they push just because it will be easy to pass. Getting bills passed is like crack to politicians and opiates to the masses. By showing that they have actually done something it makes people satisfied with a slow and agonizing political system

  2. There have been no less than 6 bills introduced into the House of Commons to have this changed, dating back to 1984.

    The National Anthem pays tribute to our heritage. And part of our heritage is the fact that we were not yet enlightened to the power of female empowerment. The National Anthem does not state that we are ignorant and forever will be. It only acknowledges that we are on a journey and pays homage to our past. Let’s not change that.

    I agree with the commenter who states that we should be focusing on real issues rather than changes to our anthem.

  3. Mark Says:

    Well, we’re generally more progressive this side of the pond…

    God save our gracious QUEEN
    Long live our noble QUEEN
    God save the QUEEN
    Send HER victorious
    Happy and glorious
    Long to reign o’er us
    God save the QUEEN

    Almost makes you wish you had never left the commonwealth…. wait, are you guys still part of the commonwealth, ach I lose track.

    [Only slightly tongue in cheek. ;-)]

  4. thanks for the comments

    “And part of our heritage is the fact that we were not yet enlightened to the power of female empowerment.”

    Do you have any suggestions for ways to become enlightened to the power of female empowerment?

    I do agree that females all over the world, including Canada, could use more empowerment.. I also think improvements in societal norms and education are the answers… I’m just not sure changing lyrics to an anthem will be the solution.. or even contribute to the solution…

    Additionally, everything about the anthem is riddled in irony and historical ignorance… If we change the “all our sons” we should change every part that is also offensive… but thats the kicker – someone, or some interest group, somewhere will always be offended by something. Do we change every single time? You can never please everyone.

  5. lol – love the comment Mark! thanks

  6. bomber Says:

    The ‘O Canada’ debate, ironically, signals the even further Americanization of our political system. Gay-marriage, flag-burning, O Canada debate…they are all classic examples of evasive political maneuvering. When debates like these are so easily picked up and filtered into the press, it’s a subtle cue that something actually important is going on. Be it, to move attention away from more contentious and possibly negative election issues or to blanket important legislation or to divert attention away from a scandal. The latter two are occurring in Canada (budget legislation and prisoner scandal).

    The whole debate is just ridiculous and, granted, it might raise the important issue of equality, but,a debate over the lyrics of our anthem hardly adds anything constructive to it.

  7. “When debates like these are so easily picked up and filtered into the press, it’s a subtle cue that something actually important is going on.”

    Agreed. thanks for the comment.

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