March 3, 2010

I think it was Erin Bury who got an “amen sistah” from me when she said (paraphrasing) a community manager’s job isn’t 9-5, it doesn’t stop. And it’s true – after I leave the office at 6pm-ish, I’m still checking online conversations/mentions all night. Additionally, I attend a handful of prodev, socmed or community events each week. And let me tell you, too many can make a girl never want to attend another event again. #holdme

But when I found out iBizBooks was holding an intimate speaking engagement by one of my fave Tweeple, @UNmarketing, I HAD to be a part of it. So, they were kind enough to let me help out with the event so I could attend. #hugz

I was tweeting pretty hard during the event and after wards someone asked me “is he really That good?” #eyebrowraise. He is. So here are some of my highlights, tweets and rationale.

“Before u can play for 40,000 – u gotta play for 40” – UNmarketing
Scott (UNmarketing) chatted about building a following on various social sites, which he prefers and why. He touched upon why he likes twitter and how it is a virtually boundless way to achieve a following in the thousands without being an Ashton Kutcher to begin with.

Being followed on Twitter is a privilege, not obligation
I’m guilty of the autofollow… strange, I know; especially since I’m against the AutoDM . Hearing Scott (and the twittesphere in agreement) against the idea opened my eyes. Read his post on automation here.

“@davefleet is my ego bouncer” – UNmarketing
I’ve got a few designated social lifesavers who are trained and skilled at both preventative measures and emergency deflation techniques to keep my head from getting too big. Having said designated people in one’s life is as important (if not more) when communicating online because you run the risk of things getting thrown out of context, or worse – premature self-proclamations of expert statuses.. which then leads to  feces being thrown/tweeted… One big mess. And let’s be honest, practicing humility is always a great thing, as are experts who admit to being human.

And funny. I love people who dont take themselves too seriously.
“No one has over 140 chars on twitter.. Except chuck norris”
“I’m not the jackass whisperer” (talking about trolls)

“Ok, I know I’m a part of the #uncult but @unmarketing‘s transparency and lack of “it just comes naturally” BS is refreshing as hell” – ME, smichm
Overall, his chat was refreshing. I feel as though I’ve been to one-too-many events where all I hear is these so-called gurus regurgitating the same old cheesy lines and rhetoric.

I can honestly say I learned a thing or two and officially unclicked the autofollow button on my Socialtoo account. I will no longer be auto-following. Lets try this and see how it turns out!

I want to hear from you – who’s your trusted social sherpa and why? what’s your opinion on the auto-follow?

Holla. and don’t forget to follow me, I’m starting a twitter cult.


7 Responses to “#UnCult”

  1. sign me up for that cult baby

  2. yeah #uncult #dontdrinkthekoolaid

  3. Tentoglou Says:

    This is why I’m an unMarketing fanboy:
    “No one has over 140 chars on twitter… Except chuck norris”.

  4. Dave Says:

    I drank the koolaid and now I’m …

  5. I find this UnCult fascinating and would like to subscribe to the newsletter

  6. karim kanji Says:

    Scott really is an engaging speaker. Thank goodness he’s not an UnSpeaker.

    There was Kool Aid at the event?!!

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