The Count Down: March Horoscope

March 2, 2010

Holy crap, its March.

This is going to be a badass month with lots of travelling starting in 9 little ‘ol days. Here’s what my horoscope had to say all about it.

“The work you have been putting in at the office is building nicely and will carry you forward in coming weeks without needing to push so hard. You will actually benefit from socializing more, so don’t feel guilty about leaving the office to see friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and competitors face to face.

Indeed, in order to make the most of what’s on tap this month you must be out and about. You will learn things that that will give you an advantage, and you will also leave a more indelible impression than you could ever do by email or even videoconference. Yet socializing isn’t just for business, of course – the most delicious side of seeing friends is to simply have fun, and that too is on the agenda.

In March, large numbers of people will enter your life, and most will be people who are new to you. Keeping track of everyone and following up will be important, so don’t lose those business cards that you will collect. You may want to write notes on them to keep this all straight. The old pals you see will also be part of your destiny, so welcome them, too, and think about what you’d like to do together.”

It goes on to read like my calendar. I’ll just need to remeber to breathe.


2 Responses to “The Count Down: March Horoscope”

  1. alisaan Says:

    Have fun traveling darling and don’t forget to keep us updated!!


  2. Thanks Love! Bison grass vodka date will hold us over till we’re both back – have fun in on the beaches!!!! (so jealous)

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