Valentine’s Day Survival Guide: Finding Love Online

February 1, 2010

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, a lot of people are on the hunt for a special someone to share the day with. My advice for happy hunting? Quit scouring the bars and get your single, fabulous self online!

I’m a huge advocate of looking for love online – because at the very least, you meet some seriously cool people with common interests. It’s no secret I met my current boyfriend on Twitter; I’ve also had such a positive experience using dating sites that I find myself constantly recommending them to friends and family.

Have you ever met someone online? If so, let me know about the experience. Have you ever considered it? If so, I want to know what’s held you back.3470650293_60b27d6539

To help direct you through your first journey in finding love online, I sought out advice, guidance and wisdom from our online love expert, Blog Editor for the German and English be2 blogs, Fiona Brutscher.

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3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Survival Guide: Finding Love Online”

  1. Chris Says:

    My girlfriend and I met through an online dating site. True story. Just don’t tell our parents…haha

    I find that people who live outside major metros like Toronto, and people who aren’t well versed online, the concept of online dating isn’t comfortable. For the rest of us, it almost comes naturally.

  2. Clarkie – I had no idea you also met ur gf online 🙂

    I do agree that non-urbanites have a harder time wrapping their minds around it. Also, we’re social media junkies, you and I.. we’re used to forming, building and growing relationships completely online and not thinking twice about it.

  3. Emma Says:

    I’ve tried online dating on and off for years. I’ve met one boyfriend, several guys I casually saw and a bunch of great friends through dating sites. In fact, I wouldn’t be living with my current roommate (and best friend), if it wasn’t for the fact that we both met the same guy on

    But after my last round, I swore it off for good. I just decided it isn’t for me, unfortunately. It doesn’t fit the way I work. I need time to get to know someone as a friend before I am interested in them as a potential partner and with dating sites, it’s usually a Jump-Right-Into-Dating situation.

    But I do have a few friends that are with their SO because of sites like POF. There are always success stories, just like they are always unsuccessful stories too, haha.

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