Le Retort Part II: HTML5 Vs. Flash

January 29, 2010

This is a continuation of and earlier post: Le Retort: In Defense Of The iPad Post

My personal opinion on the html5 vs Flash subject? I think Flash and IE6 should be blacklisted from the internet. Like, now. But a lot of people use them. Most people use them. If Adobe could make Flash work properly on my Mac, I’d be outraged by the decision to exclude it from the iPad.

With that said I think Apple seems to be ahead of the curve and doesn’t want inferior crap on its system/products. While it’s stupid because Flash is everywhere on the web, Apple’s sticking to their guns – which I always respect.

Now, Adobe’s exclusion will either act as a kick in the butt, prompting them to step-up, or it will act as a nail in the Adobe/Flash coffin. And I’m not the only person who thinks so. Read the comments in the Adobe blog post about the iPad, or take a look at these two excerpts from Mashable.

“First of all, Flash. For years, we’ve been hearing that Adobe and Apple are in talks to bring full Flash support on the iPhone (). It was almost always described as “nearly there.” Well, now that the iPad is out — a bigger device, perfect for browsing the web — and there’s still no Flash in sight, we can assume that Apple is not only not bringing Flash to its mobile devices, it’s fighting against it. For some reason, Apple doesn’t see eye to eye with Adobe where Flash is concerned, and if they haven’t reached some sort of agreement now, it’s probably not just around the corner, either.” From the article What We Learned About Apple Yesterday

“I’ll admit that the decision not to support Flash is a logical one if you start at the right premises; Flash is responsible for countless reported crashes on Macs, and Apple can’t control it to ensure quality of experience. Apple is banking on a transition to HTML5 and CSS 3 for rich web content. While that transition has already begun, it hasn’t fully happened yet. Until it does, it’s ridiculous to call this device the best way to experience the web when one of the most ubiquitous and essential web technologies is not supported.” From the article The Anti-Hype: Why Apple’s iPad Disappoints

Lets be honest my Apple-Flash conspiracy theorists, the iPad would be Flash compatible if Flash were capable of running properly.

And those are my two cents. #exhale


5 Responses to “Le Retort Part II: HTML5 Vs. Flash”

  1. Tristan Says:

    Can you explain why all other smart phone OS (google, palm, blackberry) are able to run flash? I think people who are not knowledgable on the technology should keep their opinions to themselves instead of trying to boost traffic on their site.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    You were right, that is pretty snarky.

    First off, I only offered my opinion because, as stated in the first “Le Retort” – I kept my opinions out of it and people put opinions in my mouth.

    However, if one does want my opinion… its officially out there.

    As I said before, if Adobe could make Flash work properly on Apple products… but it doesn’t. Great if it works well with other devices, but I respect Apple for sticking to its beliefs.

    And if I’m not knowledgeable enough for your taste in opinions, Mashable’s writers said “I’ll admit that the decision not to support Flash is a logical one if you start at the right premises; Flash is responsible for countless reported crashes on Macs, and Apple can’t control it to ensure quality of experience.”

  3. Tristan Says:

    Again, I apologize about the snarkyness, I was on my phone and you hit a couple nerves. My problem was not with your opinion it was what you were stating as fact.

    Adobe has openly announced that it needs help from Apple to get the player running.

    “Adobe is keen to offer Flash Player for the iPhone but says it needs more cooperation from Apple to do so.” http://bit.ly/b6lHuU

    Adobe has also asked everyone else for help in order to get flash running on their mobile devices. http://bit.ly/cHRzZs

    I’m all for HTML5 and CSS3 if everyone can come together on it. The problem is that we are in a competitive world, and no one wants to come together.

    If Flash keeps crashing your macbook, uninstall flash, flash is a choice, no one is forcing you to keep it.

    Pro-choice is my opinion on what the solution could be. Ship devices without the plug-ins installed, but let us decide which ones we want to add at our own risk. Everyone has their own definition of “the ultimate browsing experience”, mine includes the freedom to choose.

  4. Touche – I must say you’ve got a great point. Merci 🙂

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