Le Retort: In Defense Of The iPad Post

January 29, 2010

Subtle Nuances was full of activity yesterday as the blog experienced its busiest day in its not-so-short history. I would like to thank all my tweeple for this, as the site’s stats cite Twitter as the driving force of said traffic.  But, ah, the paradox of increased readership… I received a pingback letting me know someone mentioned me in his/her blog and, low and behold, it was the first ever negative post written about the blog and one of its articles. #lesigh

When first starting out in PR, I was doing my internship at one of the world’s largest luxury hotel chains. One of the first big projects I got to really run with was a campaign around Earth Hour. The PR Director was incredible and approved a lot of my ideas – like themed cocktails – for our strategy. We ended up receiving more media coverage than any other company in Toronto – over 40 mentions/clippings! #Ohmahgawd

Amidst our whirlwind of calls, photo ops, interviews and the like, one Toronto Star reporter published a small, one-paragraph rant about us. His tirade was over the ingredients used in said themed cocktails: Because they were not local, the sourced ingredients were contributing to global warming, thereby going against the whole idea behind Earth Hour.

I was ecstatic about it – not because any publicity is good publicity; but rather, I was amazed that a project/ idea/initiative that little ‘ol me was a part of generated enough buzz to warrant an anti-article.

I remembered this story as I faced the first anti-post targeted towards my blog – which means people are listening and engaging; an amazing thing. However, I feel as though the article in question, The Apple iPad, was misunderstood. Whether it’s due to poor communication on my part, I’m not sure. This will be my first, and hopefully my last retort/clarification with which I will engage back.

I am a blog writer and online project coordinator for a tech company that provides mobile email services and web hosting/domain registration. When the iPad was officially launched, I wrote two blog posts relating to our services, with the intended primary audience being our clients. Then, I added summaries with links directing from this blog to the full stories.

At no point do I take sides with or against the tablet – I simply mentioned the potential implications it may have and the considerations worth taking. The closest I got to stating my opinion on the subject was the final paragraph, “At the end of the day, this is also not going to replace your laptop, netbook or desktop because it has no multitasking capabilities. It will not replace the iPhone because it does not have phone support. But, who knows what the second generation will bring us.”

The Post
However, in the anti-post, my statement, “While you will be able to watch HD videos on YouTube via the iPad, it does not support Flash. Most think this should not be an issue because of the shift to HTML 5; however, if you are now, or are considering in the future using Flash on your website – this may be an issue” is the one the writer chose to attack. This statement was written in context of considerations and potential implications for our clients – website owners.

The anti-post starts with “Are you kidding me? Not an issue? This means if your website uses Flash, it will not be accessable (sic) to an iPad user…Doh! (sic) Of course this is an issue…” and finishes with “do the thing that sets us apart from all the other animals on Gods (sic) planet, and THINK FOR OURSELVES! (sic)”

Looking at it again now, I’m not exactly sure why I’m validating it with a retort. Coming from a very opinionated blogger such as myself, I must say it was a conscious effort not to take sides on the iPad subject… This is perhaps why this anti-post struck such a chord with me…

My personal opinion on the html5 vs Flash subject? That’s my next post.


2 Responses to “Le Retort: In Defense Of The iPad Post”

  1. Brooks Bayne Says:

    Obviously, anything that can be implemented which provides a rich user experience AND allows for simple markup and INDEXING is a better way to go.

  2. ipad accessories Says:

    Great post. I’m not worried about android catching up to iphone, they are just too far behind. Thanks! Ryan – iPad hacks

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