Social Media for Small Business

January 14, 2010

FYI: Wrote a three-part blog series on Social Media for Small Business for the myhosting blog. Here are the summaries and links. Read on my people, read on.

Social Media for Small Business
The number of active users on Facebook could make up the equivalent to the fourth largest country in the world. What’s more? Twitter was named the number one word of 2009. At the same time, countless print media outlets are dying and closing their doors for good, proving there has been a drastic shift in marketing and communications. This is no longer a space solely for the early adaptors, quite the contrary – this space has become infiltrated by the mainstream. You probably already know this and have no idea where to start. I must say, time is of the essence – you want an established presence when this reaches its tipping point and becomes oversaturated with your competition.

This is a three-part special blog series that begins by answering: what is social media and how to get started? The second part outlines the various tools available and how you can utilize them for your business. We will finish with the infamous what not to do in a segment I call The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media.

Part I: What Is Social Media and Why Your Small Business Needs It
Social media is a tool for web2.0. Basically, it’s a way to communicate with your audience and, more importantly, have them communicate back. Stimulating this conversation can encourage positive word-of-mouth marketing. The interactive web is so popular because of two very dominating concepts: PeLiMe (People Like Me) and collaboration. Both promote online community building, crowd sourcing, sharing, and connecting with those who reflect you and your interests. No one wants to be told what’s good for them – especially not from advertisers, corporations, or traditional media. We are bombarded with thousands of ads a day, it’s no wonder we are desensitized by them and the shift has been made to reflect more influence in real, unpaid, online reviews.

Part II: Tools and resources for your small business
Now that you know a little more about what social media is and isn’t, how to use it and what to consider, it’s time to decide whether it’s right for you and your brand. As online media is a fairly new outlet for targeting your audience, you must be aware of the change in communication flow and equipped with the right resources to, as Gary Vaynerchuk would say, Crush It.

Part III: Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media
We now finish with the infamous what not to do in a segment I call The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media- because more important than what to do, there’s what not to do.


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