FaceBook’s Mark Zuckerberg: The Age Of Online Privacy Is Dead, And We Killed It

January 13, 2010

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created quite a stir of controversy and debate in the online world following a TechCruch interview in front of a live audience this past weekend. What got everyone so heated? He said the age of online privacy is dead, and we killed it. Facebook only follows suit to the burial.

The once conservative advocate of online privacy has now changed the tune of his song to say this is a move they would have made when starting out many years ago if the online environment reflected it – which it now, apparently, does.

The only issue I have is that a change of heart on one’s principles, values and beliefs is not easy to sway… especially without a genuine sounding explanation. I wonder what he got in return for the promise of his first born?

Full Story, Click Here


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