Biggest Pet Peeves in Social Media

December 22, 2009

While writing a three-part blog series Social Media For Small Business, I had to include the dreaded what-not-to-do. While compiling my list, I asked my tweeple what their biggest social media pet peeves were. Some of them were insightful, some mirrored mine, and some were ROTFL deliciously ridiculous.  My fave responses are as follows:

Easy: self-proclaimed experts, or worse yet, gurus.

And even “guru experts”

Not enough social, too much media.

Self-obsessed ppl who tweet on and on and on to themselves and never interact w/ anyone: that’s one of my SM pet peeves.

Cutting off the message of the tweet to include too many RT credits – should be 2 max, nothing wrong with just 1

Right now? DMs I don’t care aboot (no typo)

Friend request on facebook with no introduction!

Old people that tweet too much

People who monopolize news feeds with their over-active SocMed participation

What would you add to the list? Check out the blog series Social Media For Small Business now on the blog, or wait until tomorrow when I feature it here 🙂


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