Auto DMs – I Hate You

December 10, 2009

Nothing annoys me on twitter as much as the auto DM (direct message)… It clogs my inbox, annoys the hell out of me, is incredibly impersonal, and usually communicates the “me, me, me” instead of “what can I do for you.”

Yesterday, I got to the point that I almost messaged each poorly constructed one back telling them where to stick the book/brand/product/blog they were trying to push.

Even worse are the auto DMs with a link – for two reasons: one, right off the bat you’re trying to sell me something (yourself, your brand, your book); and two, with all the phishing schemes, you seem like a spam bot. Safe to say, you send me one with a link, and you’re getting unfollowed.

This opinion, however, is met with varying degrees of agreement and lots of heated debates. With that in mind, I’ll alienate some tweople by listing the recent examples I’ve encountered of terrible and bearable auto DMs.

“You’re cool! Facebook me:; CAUTION:10 Cardinal Sins of Twittering”
Nothing about me or why I’m supposedly cool.. what a poor mass-message.

“Thanks for connecting, I hope it is productive. Grow and Spread your dreams” Am I supposed to click on your ambiguous link? Eat it.

“Looking forward to your tweets. Please get to know me thru my intro video:” Great example of the “me, me, me.” why should I care?

“How 2 Leverage Facebook in Google How I gained So many Followers” Its the last part about gaining followers that sounds so spammy!!

“Thanks for following me! My tweets are usually about technology, things may make you sit up and say HUH but always positive and outgoing…” Seriously? get over yourself.

“Thanks for the follow!!!”@ufathom
“Thanks for the follow. Look for tweets about major (and some minor) things going on around the winery and in the vineyard.” @crushpad
“Thanks for following me, I promise you update you with interesting Social Media news updates.” – @DeeptiAtrish

The DMs I really like are personalized, like this one from @cruzgary, “hey thanks for the follow! im going to check out myhosting as I am thinking of switching hosting companies..great tweets!.”

Another recent favorite of mine was this one from @djbhorner, “Thx for following! Definitely think that great conversation works well with great wine! Let me know if interested in video online research” because it mentions a bit about the info on my profile (conversation and wine) and allows me the opportunity to make a business connection – without being a hard sell.

Besides, isn’t the point of social media to connect with people and have real, 2-way conversations?

Do you use auto DMs? What do you find effective?

Start the debate.

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5 Responses to “Auto DMs – I Hate You”

  1. Kim Says:

    you are right, and i’m guilty. my aim is to have a message that welcomes people and offers a link to my site in case they want to know more – i mean, they are following me – right?

    not sure which is worse – an automated DM or no acknowledgment of the follow. i don’t have time to respond to every one personally.

    here’s my message

    “Whoa! Thanks for the follow. If you want to connect via other Social Media find my links here

    advice on a better one welcome.

  2. Thank you for the great comment and wicked points

    “not sure which is worse – an automated DM or no acknowledgment of the follow. i don’t have time to respond to every one personally.”

    Here’s the burning question – do you actually see results with the auto DM?

    I feel as though I get so many they feel like spam that I just skim past.. In that regard, maybe no acknowledgment is better than being viewed as spam. But again, depends on results you are seeing – perhaps most people love that? I have no idea.

  3. sophiebifield Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Melissa…Auto DM’s are a waste of space and a huge annoyance.

    I had a great one yesterday…I won’t mention names but it said…

    Hi, thanks for following me @Mr… read my tweets and follow me @Mr… to know more.

    Ummm aren’t I already following you @Mr… ? Maybe I shouldn’t be @Mr.all

  4. Thanks for the comment Soph – Have you ever received one that actually made you intrigued?

  5. sophiebifield Says:

    Not that I can remember … So no. I’ve often thought to myself, ‘How can someone sit and write this stuff?’ – They’ve either got to be pretty conceited or be completely clueless about how Twitter works.

    I really really hate the ‘Thanks for following now find me on facebook’ links in DM’s … Can we say ‘People Collectors’???

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