Blackberry Messenger 5.0 Fail

October 18, 2009

Dear Blackberry Messenger 5.0: you suck.

After hearing the raving reviews from my friends who finally upgraded this week, I downloaded the new BBM 5.0 to my Curve 8900 with less than stellar results.

As a huge fan of aesthetics, I was pleased by the new design. Unfortunately, it didn’t go much further than the design: my texts stopped coming through and my contacts’ pictures never uploaded.

After contacting Rogers support about it, they fixed the text messaging but the BBM, I learned, was not going to be as easy. The upgrade is RIM supported and not Rogers supported, it has a lot of bugs, and to figure it out was going to be a huge inconvenience to me.

My options were as follows:
1. Manually reload each contact (I have over 100)
2. Manually link each contact to their address book entry (I tried one and it didn’t solve the problem)
3. Downgrade back to the last 4.7 version of BBM

That doesn’t sound like very helpful advice, the situation outlook isn’t promising, and its as though its on me to find the solution. Thanks,  Rogers. The worst part is that at the end of the conversation the Rogers support guys asked, “anything else I can help you with today?” umm.. how about fix my BBM?

I’m currently still running BBM 5.0 and have found plenty of online talk about the bugs.

All I have to say is Blackberry Fail.

What has been your experience with BBM 5.0? Any solutions that might be more useful?


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