Trending Topics

October 16, 2009

I love Twitter; However, having just started habitually checking the trending topics I began to wonder how these so-called trends never made a dent in my communities’ conversations. Then it happened – between coffee number three and my mid afternoon daydream – everyone began talking about also wanting to get stuck in a hot air balloon that would take us far, far away from this (suddenly freezing) city.

Soon the six-year-old boy who launched himself into the clouds became the trending topic #saveballoonboy and #balloonboy. Unfortunately, as soon as I heard his name was in fact Falcon (#namefail) and his family adores the spotlight, I smelt #Hoax and was #OverIt.

However, the day’s hashtagged topics were hilarious and worth mentioning. Today’s top trending rivals were Anne Frank and Balloon Boy, and everyone began tweeting “Balloon boy, Ima let you finish – but Anne Frank had one of the best attic hideouts of all time.”

Speaking of sad hoaxes, the amber alert that’s been going around? #Hoax. Oh, and can everyone please stop falling for phishing scams? While we’re at it, lets make a pact: as soon as something screams #Hoax, lets just ignore it as though it were an ADHD ridden child… The kind who hasn’t been shown any boundaries, given any hugs, or been taught consequences for actions (the worst kind). Thanks.

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