Soundtrack To Falling In Love

February 22, 2009

What does falling in love sound like? Below is a list of the top 3 artists who supply the music featured in the movie that is my life. Hopefully, it will help provide a lovely background to your personal love story too.

  1. José González first captured my attention with a remake of The Knife’s song, Heartbeats. His album, 10 Days of Covers, features beautiful remakes of good songs and takes them to a whole new level. Best tracks worth checking out: Heartbeats, Teardrop, Hand On Your Heart and Killing For Love.
  2. Kings of Convenience are great for upbeat, skip home in la, la, love music. Since the duo consists of  Erlend Øye, I’m counting his solo work in this section. Check it: I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (original and röyksopp remix), Toxic Girl, I’d Rather Dance With You and Sudden Rush.
  3. Four Tet‘s talents stretch beyond producing originals, like the breathtaking track Everything Is Alright, and extend to remixing otherwise bland tracks into pieces of art – a perfectly crafted background to any love story. Four Tet remixes worth checking out: Andrew Bird’s Imitosis and Sia’s Breathe On Me.

I know, my love story sounds like a Spanish love-affair. I would love to hear back from you – what makes up your perfect soundtrack to falling in love? What does your list look like? What should I add to my list?

Let me know!



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