Tired Of Being Sexy

August 3, 2008


Brazilian Sub-Pop group Cansei de Ser Sexy(CSS) just released their new album Donkey. It is more refined and pop-ish than their last album, a self-titled raw and artistic masterpiece. Their overall sound, however, remains the same: pop art, Warhol, turned into music. Bright, brilliant and genuinely different.

I first heard of this group last summer, rocking out to Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above. They were one of the first bands which lured me into the Indie Electro scene. Soon, Music is My Hot, Hot Sex played back up to an Ipod commercial and the whole world had discovered my little secret known as CSS. Life was ruined.

Top tracks off Donkey are as follows:

  1. Believe Achieve
  2. Jagger Yoga

Top tracks off CSS:

  1. Lets Make Love and Listen To Death From Above
  2. Alala
  3. Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex


Best of Radiohead was released last month and I was excited to get more from the creators of Creep. I must preceed the next statement with a reminder that I’m an ’86er so you must forgive me, but I actually didn’t realize how many songs I love were created by this band. Kind of like Theory of a Deadman, you think you have never heard of them but you can sing along to all their songs (*ah-hem* rethink your PR).

In addition to all the songs I already loved, I have found new favourite tracks from this time capsule.

There have been so many great remixes and reconstructions of Radiohead tracks also worth mentioning. I remember first hearing Everything In Its Right Place on a CD about 4 years ago – it was the opening song to a set preformed by Paul Oakenfold. I also can’t forget to mention Mark Ronson’s rendition of Just on the album Versions. Mark Ronson is a music god.

Others worth checking out

  1. Crookers. They are seriously building up in popularity and I’m hearing their name more and more often.
  2. Santogold. Check out their songs L.E.S. Artistes and Creator
  3. Black Kids and Lykke Li
  4. Los Campesinos! I’m still trying to appreciate them.. cool sound, not my type but they are worth checking out.

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