July 22, 2008


The dynamic duo known as Chromeo were just in Toronto this past weekend for the music event “Rogers Picnic” and followed with a special set at Social. I witnessed this MTL/NYC group first-hand at Shared Lofts a few months ago, and their awesomely cool parties show that these two guys are wildly growing in popularity within Toronto.

The Electrofunk music they create is unique, sexy and utterly addictive. Their DJing is a beautiful accompaniment to their musical creations and highlights their insanely gifted ear for cutting-edge sounds.

Their 2007 album Fancy Footwork shares the name of one of the best tracks on it.  This hugely popular song boasts a funky fresh beat and lyrics that are hilariously awesome: “But if you let her see that fancy footwork, show her that you’re not that shy. Let her see that fancy footwork, show her you’re that type of guy.” 

Think you haven’t heard it? try the Thomas Barfod remix, every club (worth being in) is spinning it.

Tenderoni – (Noun) ten*der*o*ni – an object of desire that happens to be too young: think Lolita or Jail Bait. It is also a fresh, young and tight song by Chromeo, of course.

 Tenderoni is today’s equivalent of what Micheal Jackson’s PYT (Pretty Young Thing) once was. If the catchy beats don’t sell that idea, then the lyrics will. “Tenderoni” is actually used in MJ’s PYT lyrics, as follows:

Where Did You Come From Lady And Ooh Won’t You Take Me There?
Right Away, Won’t You Baby? Tendoroni You’ve Got To Be.
Spark My Nature, Sugar Fly With Me

Artists worth checking out if you love Chromeo are as follows:

  1. Calvin Harris
  2. Yelle
  3. Justice
  4. CSS

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