Best Burgers in Toronto

June 3, 2008

Best Burgers in Toronto?

My youth was spent like most kids my age: obsessed with my dog who smelt of dirt and cookies, quoting lines from the Simpsons and thinking I was utterly witty, delivering newspapers and getting chased down the street by the neighbourhood black lab, buying sweet treats and candies at the local Mac’s Milk with fist-fulls of pennies, trying to see how much ice cream I could eat in one sitting and stayed up all that night puking. (Foreshadowing to my future?)

When I was the ripe age of fifteen I applied at the local Lick’s… home of the Homeburgers… after learning all of my friends had acquired employment there and hooked me up with free milkshakes. I wanted this power, to give away free milkshakes to my friends, too.

It was then that I developed a respect for the art of a perfectly crafted burger, real meat formed into deliciously thick patties On Site, toppings that went beyond the slice of pickle, tomato, and a soggy piece of lettuce – which every burger joint I had experienced up until that point would serve. No, I was beyond that now.. I was in Mecca. Even the Faux burgers (vegetarian) tasted divine and juicy. Even the croutons were made by hand, thickly slicing buns, dropping them into the deep-fryer, then tossing in seasoning. I had begun my appreciation for good food the day I tried a homeburger and today, I am a self-proclaimed foodie.

I may have a strange taste for burgers, because when I tried my first $30 burger in Miami three years ago, I wasn’t impressed. I thought it was over priced and that it under delivered. The Beer Bistro across the street serves a pretty good burger, with equally good fries, and definitely beats the haute casse-croûte from Miami, mainly because you get the same burger at about half the price – its worth.

Last week when walking home from a long day of shopping, en route to Fast Fresh Foods, I decided to try Hero Burger since it seemed to be the only thing open. Cooked medium well and topped with crumbled blue cheese, I melted with love for this burger. The fries and service, however, need some work.

That is when my love for burgers was reignited. Beaming with satisfaction well into the late hours of the night at a club, a guy informed me of a burger joint even better than Hero Burger and Lick’s. This diamond was located in my adored area of King West. I was intrigued. I was tempted. I was on a new hunt to Find Toronto’s best burger.

The next day, the words Craft Burger repeated again and again in my head with a vengeance. I felt like Indiana Jones on a hunt for a mysterious treasure that was always right beneath my nose.

Yesterday, I went with a friend after reading reviews and talking non-stop about this burger joint. I think he was rather relieved to have me finally stop talking about it. I had the Craft Bleu, onion rings and a old fashioned root beer, even though everyone else was having the milkshakes. The onions rings and milkshakes are good enough alone to go there for. The burger was a beautiful masterpiece I was in awe of. The only detail that from the first glance, we knew would be a significant problem was the fromage. It was one thick slice of triangular blue cheese; therefore, the cheese was not properly distributed upon the burger and was far too much (quantity) for such a sharply flavoured topping. If they were to lighten up on the amount of mayo and just Sprinkle the blue cheese across the Divine beef patty, it would be perfect.

Unfortunately, its not perfect and my hunt for the best burger in Toronto will continue… starting with another trip to Craft Burger in hopes that their faux burger, classic burger, or spicy burger will be better. We may have a winner, but I need to know – where are the best burgers in Toronto? I want to hear from you.



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